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Soap Dispenser
This non-contact, touchless sensor-activated Soap Dispenser is sought-after during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and expected to be a lasting necessity of the future due to the growing awareness of cleaning hands thoroughly. Its infrared sensor enables contactless operation and the foaming mechanism dispenses micron-sized heavy foams at a pleasing rate. The portability feature and minimalist design is ideal for its performance in almost any settings.
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Key Features
  • * Works with regular soap & alcohol based santitizer
  • * Micron-sized heavy foam
  • * Lasts up to 9 months on a single insertion
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Product Details
Protect your family's health by experimenting with a new way to wash your hands. Now, just stretch out your hand and the foam will help you effectively Clean hands while bringing gentle protection. The bubble with rich affinity, let the child in the home also can fall in love with wash hands.
Capacity 310 ml
Battery type AA 1.5V Alkaline batteries
Dilution ratio 1/3 or 1/4
Weight228g(no battery)/320g(with batteries)
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Ningbo Greenis Home Appliances Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Greenis Home Appliances Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary manufacturer of Greenis Group SRL headquartered in Milan, Italy. Ningbo Greenis, located in Eastern China Coast, has been accredited with ISO8000, ISO9000 and ISO 14000. Ningbo Greenis manufactures a wide scope of kitchen appliances mainly Portable Blenders, Power Blenders and Slow Juicers and is currently expanding to personal care and baby product categories. Empowered by over 100 R&D engineers comprising sectors of design, molding, structure and electronics engineers, Ningbo Greenis has been awarded the honor National Hi-tech Enterprise in China and is the owner of over 80 patents (design & utility patents). Greenis owns a manufacturing plant with over 50,000 square feet and now an ODM supplier for major appliance brands such as Haier in China, Aux in China, Catler from Czech Republic and the smart homeware ecosystem in China, Tmall Genie under Alibaba (Amazon Alexa-like). Also Greenis has forged strategic partnership with globally renowned material supplier Tritan from Eastman and has recently started an intellectual property collaboration with GB Teddy Bear and are planning to roll out a range of co-branded products. We are different. Repeating and refining: the driving force for innovativeness and problem solving at Greenis. Greenis made over 500 prototypes in the eight years it took to refine and test the iconic BLDC (or Brushless Direct Current) motor technology. Today Each and every research & development engineer from Greenis honors this tradition
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Ningbo, China
No of employees
Year Established
Business Type
Manufacturer of Appliances
Factory size
50,000 sqf
Average Annual Revenue
$10M - $20M
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